Kathleen's calling from God is primarily designed and divinely appointed to impart, empower and activate spiritual truths in a manner that effectively trains and equips men and women of God to discover their authentic selves, true callings and purposes in the earth.   

Through prophetic wisdom and insight, as an adult-adoptee who victoriously overcame rejection and abandonment issues through the power of God, Kathleen has a unique ministry to serve those who have lived through abandonment, rejection or “conditional love” experiences.

As a recipient of deep inner “heart healing” herself, Kathleen and her prophetic teams minister from Luke 4:18 foundational truth of God’s love, according to Jesus’ earthly mission, to “heal the broken-hearted” (unique gifting in the area of healing the “orphan heart”), open blinded eyes and facilitate freedom and empowerment in Christ.

Kathleen is a visionary, prophetic strategist, who “sees” and hears in the Holy Spirit with the heart of our heavenly Father and empowered to equip ministry clients and students with the tools to win in life, complete assignments, and ultimately fulfill God’s plans for their lives. With 20+ years of service as a prophetic voice and transformational leader, Kathleen and her ministry team believe that through God’s unconditional Love, our unwavering Faith in Him and The Glory undeniably experienced in life of the believer, all things Kingdom shall be revealed.  The result, individuals are empowered to unapologetically and authentically live the predestined life that God intended that fulfills purpose and destiny!

Kathleen Speaks

Kathleen is called by God as a Prophet with an apostolic grace.  By diligently building and transforming lives in her region, Kathleen imparts healing to individuals and her audience through accurate revelation knowledge, biblical instruction and spiritual authority. She is gifted to help people discover and activate their gifts (especially young adults), and ultimately releases them to live purpose-driven lives and fulfill destiny.  As a compassionate minister, she is also a keen and discerning counselor to many hurting women and families in their time of need.  After most of her adult life not understanding the tactics of the enemy, Kathleen was healed by God of the “orphan heart” due to a sense of abandonment and rejection as a mixed-race adult adoptee. Kathleen was given up for adoption at only two months of age, and because of God’s call on her life, she is extremely passionate about ministering to those hindered by the weight of rejection and abandonment and helping them to gain a sense of their God-given identity, experience deep inner “heart” healing and breakthrough in demonstration of the power of God.   Kathleen builds prophetic teams that are also passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God, and she wholeheartedly embraces any and all of God’s assignments to prophesy, preach, and impart the Word of God that will transform lives and communities through the power of God.



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